Subayai Engineering Services

Subayai provides full life-cycle system engineering services from architecture to design, project-management, development and test engineering. We specialize in e-Commerce, security, logistics and web-based solutions for Fortune 500 companies, startups and industry.

Subayai is Agile

Subayai Services logoAgile engineering is about doing projects quickly and this means doing it right the first time. Our solutions management process has been refined over 20 years of delivering world-class systems to ensure you get the best result. Learn why the biggest companies from banks to multi-national logistics companies have trusted Subayai to design and build the solutions they depend on.


Subayai architects have tackled challenging global projects and delivered systems that are secure, scalable, robust and performant. Many large systems we have architected are processing millions of transactions per month even 15 years after their initial release. Whether creating a new system, augmenting or tuning an existing one, turn to a leader in service and web architecture. We build solutions that last.

Project Management

Managing projects isn't just about reporting status and holding meetings.

Subayai has helped many companies with out-of-control requirements, crippling quality problems, unreasonable stakeholders and many other common project challenges. Using techniques honed over many years and circumstances, we have become adept at identifying risks, creating mitigation strategies and coming up with out-of-the-box solutions to get projects delivered on-time and on-budget. Our project managers adapt development models to suite the organization and situation with an eye for business process and technical detail. One size does not fit all, nor should your management style.

Design and Performance

Anyone can build a web-page. Designing solutions that scale, are performant and can handle large data volumes takes special skills and experience. Billions of records? We can find one in a flash. Hackers compromised your application? We have zero-code designs that close the doors. Whatever challenge your application may be facing, we have the tools and experience to do what others quite frankly find "impossible".

Development and Test Engineering

Software is a commodity.

Don't you believe it.

Poor software is however commonly churned out of "software factories".

High-performance teams are up to 5x more productive than others.
[Capers Jones, Barry Boehm, et al]

Subayai uses small surgical teams of experienced developers to craft superior solutions for demanding customers. Using this model we consistently deliver competitive projects against so-called offshore resources. Through component re-use of our library, extensible designs and simply doing things right the first time, we can deliver your next project faster with better quality.

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